Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: How do you ship, and how fast will I get my order?

We use the US Postal Service for shipping. Most orders go out within 24 hours of when we receive them. Often we can get an order out the same day if you call us and place your order by 2:00 PM Pacific Time (5:00 PM Eastern Time). New customer orders paid with a personal check may be held for 5 days for clearing (postal money orders offer faster service if you mail in an order). If you want to be sure that your order is sent by the fastest “Priority Mail” service, be sure to select this option on the order form for just $7.

Q: Is your list rented for “one-time use,” or can I use it multiple times?

Our list is rented to you for one-time use. If we allowed our list to be used by all of our customers multiple times, then the people on our list would be bombarded with tons of offers and the list would become less responsive. We are counting on you and your integrity to mail to these names only once. This keeps the quality of our list higher.

Q: Are the names on your list fresh buyers, less than 30 days old?

95 to 100% of our names are “buyers” of a direct mail money making program or business, and some of our names are less than 30 days old. It is nearly impossible to assure that any list is 100% “buyers” so when a list company makes this claim it is often not true. We are confident in our names being at least 95% buyers and the actual percentage is probably 98 to 99% buyers. Regarding how “fresh” the names are, the quality and responsiveness of a list has very little to do with how fresh the names are. What is far more important is that the names on your list are people who are currently, or recently, active in a home based business that was promoted by direct mail. Virtually all of our names were collected through responses to a direct mail promotion for an extra-income program or business. This is a specific “TARGET MARKET” list that is very responsive to offers to make money with a home-based business or program that is promoted by direct mail. There are hundreds of names in our data base that are a few years old, however, they are people who are still active in direct mail and are still looking to make more money in a direct mail business.

Q: Can I order a duplicate copy of the list at the same time (at a discount) so I can do a “follow-up” mailing to the same people?

Yes. This is an excellent mailing strategy that few mailers realize the value of. We offer a duplicate copy of the same names for 40% off the regular price when ordered at the same time as the original list. An exact duplicate of your list will be sent, with both lists on peel and stick labels. EXAMPLE: You order 1,000 names for $92 and you want a duplicate list of the same names… $92 plus ($92 X 40% discount = $55.20 for the duplicate list) equals a total of $147.20. These orders must be done by phone (or written in on the mail-in order form) because the website order form is kept simple to reduce confusion.

Q: What is a “nixie” and how is it important to my mailing?

A “nixie” is an industry term for bad addresses that are sent back to you by the post office. You will always get some nixies when you do a direct mail promotion. The average nixie rate in the industry is about 8% (8 nixies out of every 100 mailed). Our list usually runs about 4% to 5% nixies, i.e. - 4 to 5 bad addresses out of 100 mailed. This is very low. Our nixie guarantee is the best in the mailing list industry. When you do a mailing with our list you really don’t care if your nixie rate is is over 5% because you get a HUGE reward for returning the nixies to us. This is how we keep such a clean list with a low nixie rate, which means you get an unusually high deliverable rate.

Q: How does your Nixie Guarantee work?

After you send your mailing, you will begin to get the nixies back in 2 to 5 days. They will continue to come back to you over the next 10 to 20 days after mailing. Collect these nixies and put them together in a safe place. When they stop coming back to you (wait about 3 weeks from the time you mail), simply send them all back to us in one big envelope and we will give you $1 plus 3 new names for EACH nixie! EXAMPLE: If you were to send us 50 nixies, you would get $50 plus 150 fresh new buyer names! This makes your net cost for your mailing list the lowest you'll find anywhere in the mailing list industry!

Q: Do you have an “affiliate” program that pays me to refer other people to your mailing list?

We do not have a specific affiliate program for referrals. However, if you tell someone to order from us, just tell them to write your name on the order form (or in the "How did you hear about us" section of the online order form). When a new customer orders from your referral, we will send you a coupon for 15% off the total price of your next order. We are committed to keeping our prices low and our nixie guarantee as the best in the industry. If we had a high-paying referral program that paid you to "sell" our list then we would have to charge twice as much for our names. Most of our customers would rather have low prices and a high-quality, high-response list.

Q: Can I order names for Canada or other countries?

No. We offer only US addresses which includes US territories such as Guam, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico (99.8% of our names are within the 50 states).

Q: Can I order names from a specific zip code or specific states?

Yes, on orders of at least 1,000 names. If you are ordering 1,000 names or more, we can send names within a specific state, states, or zip code range. We also offer names from all states EXCEPT up to 5 omitted. This service costs an extra $12 for any quantity of names ordered. If you want this special service, place your order by phone or mail.

Q: Can you send your list via email so I can print my own labels or have the names printed directly onto envelopes?

No. To keep our list from being stolen, and also to keep it clean and responsive, we send our names on high quality peel and stick labels. We do not send our list via electronic means except in specific cases. If you are planning to have your mailing done by a reputable print and mail company, then for an extra $12, we can send your list electronically, directly to the company who is doing the mailing. In these cases, we also send you a copy of the list, printed on paper, that was sent to the print and mail company.

Q: How large is your mailing list data base?

As of 2020, we have a little over 21,000 names in our data base, however, only about 12,000 are current, fresh sellable names that meet our strict criteria to be sold. We remove bad addresses and add new names on a daily basis. This is all done in-house to assure that our names are the highest quality, most responsive names possible. Note that many mailing list companies that have very large mailing list data bases are often filled with names that are poor quality and unresponsive. We know plenty of people who have ordered mailing lists from the larger sized mailing list companies and gotten no response at a 1,000 piece mailing! Keeping the size of our data base smaller allows us to control the quality of our list.

Q: Do you offer different categories of names to reach a specific target market?

All of our names are business opportunity “buyers.” This means that virtually all of them have paid money to join a home based, extra-income business or program. Most of the people on our list have actively participated in, or are currently involved with, a home based business of some kind, like network marketing or a direct mail money-making program. We offer two categories of names: our regular premium names, and our “Superstar Premium” names. The Superstar names are more expensive because they are the “cream of the crop” best names we have. These names can be ordered with or without phone numbers in quantities of 300, 900 or 1,500. If you order phone numbers, you will get a separate report printed on paper with the person’s name, state of residence, and up to two phone numbers. With this report, it is important to realize two things: 1) only about 65% of the names have phone numbers, and 2) people change phone numbers frequently, so up to one third of the phone numbers may be outdated. Even so, being able to reach approximately 30% of these “Superstar” people by phone can be incredibly valuable to your business! 1,500 is the maximum order for Superstar names because that is the total size of the Superstar data base.

Q: How do I know if the Superstar list will be worth the extra cost?

You cannot know for sure. However, many people have had excellent results with this list when they have something VERY UNIQUE to offer and when they have a BRAND NEW PRE-LAUNCH offer that is not being mailed yet by anyone else. It generally draws a strong response with almost any offer if the money making program/business is less than 90 days old and the offer is strong. It can also be an excellent list for a solid, professional, product driven network marketing company.

Q: Why is it so important to tell you what program or business I am mailing?

This allows us to make sure that the names we sell you are used only once for any business. We do not sell the same names to two different people who are mailing the same program. Also, whenever possible, we send you names that are specifically targeted for the business you are mailing. For example, if you are mailing for a network marketing business, then we will automatically include our names that are into MLM and monthly product orders. This special “targeting” of your list is done for no extra charge! We also provide lots of very useful money-saving and money-making expert advice on this website. The more we can do to help you get a strong response to your mailing, the more likely you will come back to us and place additional orders.

Q: How can I assure that I get a high response rate to my mailing?

You will never know what your response rate will be until you actually mail, and then wait for 2 weeks to see how many responses you get. Response rates vary WIDELY depending on many factors (see our “Mailing Tips and Strategies” tab)

Q: Some programs promise or suggest a specific response rate. Is this accurate?

It is very important to know that there are some programs being mailed that claim you can get a 10% response, or even as high as 90% response when mailing that specific program. DO NOT BELIEVE IT! This is marketing hype and it is a dishonest way of trying to get you to buy the program and promote it. Do not ever respond to a money-making offer that claims you can get a response rate of anything more than 1% to 2%. Response rates of 2% or even up to 5% are possible with the right promotion to the right list with a brand new offer that has never been mailed by anyone before. However, anything over 1.5% is unrealistic as an ongoing average.

Q: What are some average response rates that you have seen in the industry?

Here are the average response rates to various types of offers. These response rates are AVERAGE and are in no way a guarantee of any kind. These are estimates based on our own mailings over the past 25 years…

POST CARD offering FREE information on your money making program:
1 to 5% response (up to 8% in special cases)

POST CARD asking for $1 to $5 (refundable) for detailed info on your money making business: 1 to 4% response (up to 6% in special cases)

POST CARD promoting a business with a sizzle message and website:
0.1 to 1% response (up to 3% in special cases)

Professional cover letter with a special invitation to join a new program/business in “pre-launch” for one quarter to one half the normal cost:
1 to 5% response (up to 10% in special cases)

Professional cover letter with a special offer asking for $10 to $40 to join your money making program: 0.2 to 2.5% response (up to 5% in special cases)

Professional cover letter with a special offer asking for $50 to $100 to join your money making program: 0.1 to 2% response (up to 5% in special cases)

Professional cover letter with a special offer asking for $150 to $600 to join your money making program: 0.05 to 1% response (up to 3% in special cases)

NOTE: “special cases” refers mainly to three factors: 1) the timing—brand new “pre-launch”, 2) how compelling your special offer is, and 3) if the list of people you are mailing to are people that already know you personally, and trust you and have had a positive experience with you.

It is very important to understand that your response rate will depend on many different factors like the mailing list, the specific offer, the cost, the value, the product, the timing of your biz-opp, the specific wording in your letter, the professionalism of your program/business, etc.

Overall, the average response rate for a good money-making offer is 0.25% to 1%. You can increase your response rate by following the mailing tips and strategies that we outline in our special reports (see “Mailing Tips and Strategies” tab). The most important thing is to have a powerful, compelling cover letter with an amazing offer that seems too good to pass up. If you have a really great offer and you have a professional presentation and a solid money-making business, you should aim to get a 1% response or better.